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Valory Hope

Dean's drinking

I see a lot of comments on LJs (both communities and individuals) about Dean's alcoholism. Is he really an alcoholic, even a "functioning" alcoholic? Granted that he's often seen to drink, especially hard liquor, just how much alcohol does he actually consume? I'm really hoping that someone out there has documented each time Dean was seen to take a drink (especially whiskey or other hard liquor), in the way that hells-half-acre has compiled a record of clothing worn on the show. (This is AWESOME, by the way!)

I'm already aware of these episodes: In 5x11, "Sam, Interrupted", Dean says that the number of drinks he has each week is "somewhere in the mid fifties". In 6x04, Lisa says he's drinking half a fifth a night. But, rather than rely on the characters' statements (even Dean's), I want to know how often we actually SEE him drinking. (For instance, in 7x04, "Defending Your Life", Dean goes to a bar and downs three double shots of scotch in fairly rapid succession. But how often does he actually do that?)

Of course, we only see "snapshots" of Dean's life, and even if he's seen to take a drink in every scene of every episode (which he isn't), that doesn't mean he's drinking every minute of every day. (For example, if Dean is seen to pour the last drink out of a bottle, as in 7x05, I won't assume that he's necessarily been drinking steadily since the bottle was opened.) So what about *effects*--i.e., how often have we seen Dean actually DRUNK, especially on a job, or badly hungover?

I've consulted Super-Wiki (which is where I got the episodes cited above). Is there any other source out there (individuals, database, whatever), that might have statistics on Dean, drinking generally on Supernatural, or anything remotely related? (I'm hoping for hard data, but I'd also like to hear your impressions/interpretations of this issue. And, of course, links to any meta on the subject.)

I'd love to go back and watch every episode, but I don't have the DVDs (yet)--or the time, right now (alas). I'm still not sure if this will lead to a fic or a meta, but it's been obsessing me lately. You guys are awesome, and all about the knowledge and understanding of Show, so I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!!!

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