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The Answer To The Question
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A resource for Supernatural fans and fan-fiction writers.

What is this place?

This is a community where we can all pool our vast amounts of useless knowledge about Supernatural! Whether you need those few important details for that fic you’re writing or you need to settle a bet with a friend, this is the place to ask.

Questions which are allowed.

1. Anything to do with the canon of the show Supernatural.

2. Anything to do with the actors, cast and crew members for the show. Questions about other actors/characters commonly used in CW RPF are also ok.

3. General questions needed for fic (i.e. questions about America for non-natives or anything under the sun for AUs :D)

4. Questions regarding other fandoms will not be allowed, unless you can come up with a very convincing argument!

For now, unless there is an appropriate Tag that has already been created, leave the tagging to me and I will take care of it.


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