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SHOTGUN picks the music

Hey, guys. :D

Do we know what kind of music Sam likes? We saw that he has an iPod at some point, but more than that I can't recall.

For that matter, has it ever been made clear what kind of music he doesn't like? He's expressed disdain for Dean's music, but I always had the impression that that was more "My culturally backwards brother with his narrow range of outdated music, put-upon sigh, eyeroll" than him particularly hating the music.

Thanks in advance for any findings! And, heck, feel free to share your head!canon on the topic. 8)

EDIT: For those interested, our findings:

ACCORDING TO CANON: Sam likes music more modern than mullet rock.
ACCORDING TO SAM'S IPOD: He likes Jason Manns.
ACCORDING TO JARED: He likes emo stuff like Death Cab for Cutie.

TO SUM UP: If you choose, for example, to say that Sam loves female indie artists more than all other sources of music, no one can pooh-pooh your fanon with authority unless Sam Winchester himself appears from another reality and says otherwise.
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